Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK 1.91 Gratis

Free Download Game Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK 1.91 Gratis

Hai Sobat....... selamat datang di blog Download BBM MOD dan Game Offline Gratis. Pada kesempatan kali ini, saya akan berbagi game Kingdom Story Brave Legion versi MOD untuk kalian. Game ini merupakan ebuah game rpg online dari NHN Entertainment Corp. Game dengan kategori Free Role playing Game yang keren ini menyajikan gameplay dengan petualangan seru. Dengan mendownload game ini, kalian bisa menikmati gameplay yang spektakuler.

Game ini menceritakan tentang history dari Chinese Three Kingdom. Kalian tertarik tentang Chinese history? Atau menyukai Dynasty Warriors? Buruan download game Kingdom Story ini di smartphone kalian.

Banyak sekali hal yang bisa kalian lakukan di game ini, seperti membangun sebuah team. Kalian juga berkompetisi dengan pemain lain di game ini jadi bakalan lebih seru kan? Oke Sob....... kita langsung aja ke deskripsi dari game Kingdom Story berikut ini..

Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD Desc

Back to Ancient China 
The method of global control, an interesting knowledge! Present on the guide on begin your old China, and the regular zone caught assigned as senator! Be careful with opponent group attack and disobedience! 

Create your Ultimate Team
A glance at the historical backdrop of China's greatest and most acclaimed kids! Guan Yu stated, Zhao Yun, Gan tiger, Zhuge Liang and gather more. Blend and key character of our relations don't coordinate the advantages got from the tail to the group reward is level! 

The experience of the immortal history of the three states 
Three Real Realms story, comic drama and light in Chinese writing was renowned sentiment. Cao Wei specialists become acquainted with about the enticement, Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang overcome saint disposition is Chinese political virtuoso! 

Make your support and modification 
In any case, from a little military post and their hearts want in the wide open, dividers, mines, and even the hot springs and the old Chinese military to assemble the biggest city to develop their base! The format and outline of the greenery enclosures is your choice! 

Contend with different players 
Prof. of vital and acceptable history. Lawmakers, skirmish warriors, toxophilite, warriors and illustrious doctors, indicate an assortment of capacities and capacities of their animal between each. Blend and coordinate and framed the best group in the steamrolls rivalry.

Kingdom Story Legion Screenshot

Kingdom Story Brave Legion MOD APK 1.91 Gratis
Informasi tentang Game
Nama Game : Kingdom Story Brave Legion
Versi dari Game : 1.91
Kategori Game : Free Role Playing Game, Adventure Game
Requirements : Android 2.3.4+
Format File : APK

Demikian postingan kali ini tentang game Kingdom Story Brave Legion. Seperti biasa, disini kami sudah menyediakan versi MOD, jadi akan lebih banyak fitur-fitur menarik yang bisa kalian nikmati. Selamat mendownload....... :)

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