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Download Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising PSP/PSSPP Android

Hai sob, kali ini saya akan berbagi game naruto mod apk untuk ppsspp di blog Download BBM MOD dan Game Offline Gratis, game Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising PSP/PSSPP Android kali ini hadir dengan petualangan seru dan misi baru. Dan seperti biasa, game kali ini hadir dengan grafik yang bagus dan gameplay yang seru dan menantang dan jangan khawatir karena meskipun seru, game ini hadir dengan ukuran kecil.

Game Naruto ini cocok untuk di mainkan di smartphone Samsung, Evercoss, Smartfren, Asus, Mito, Advan, Oppo, Redmi, Vivo atau yang lain. Game keren ini bisa kalian download di android kalian dengan catatan menggunakan emulator PSSPP

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Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising Offline PSP/PSSPP Android

Informasi tentang Game

Nama Game : Naruto Akatsuki rising
Jenis : Game naruto petualangan
Requirements : Android + emulator
File Format : iso

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Review game Naruto Shippuden Legends Akatsuki Rising PSSPP

Naruto series is very popular all over the world. Given that, it is no wonder that fans of the blonde ninja lint in training would love the opportunity to actually play in a video game. Unfortunately, the story of the Naruto game is that it mainly consists of a number of better mediocre titles. However, hope jumps forever, and with each new game of Naruto is released, there is always a possibility that this will be the last game Naruto has been waiting. Unfortunately, Naruto fans should keep hoping Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatusuki Rising, the final series, is a below par fighter who seems to re-tread the same ground with the same pedestrian outcomes.

He "have not we been here before?" Quality begins with the story of the game. From it comes the Kazakage recovery story where Naruto back to the village after several years of absence to meet with the teacher and some old friends. Of course, it's not going to be a day in Naruto's life if something terrible does not happen like that Naruto and his friends could destroy the cool Ninja movement. Indeed, when some followers of captured Akatsuki Gaara Naruto, it is up to Naruto and his friends to save Gaara. If this sounds familiar, it is because you are already familiar. This is more or less the same story appears in Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden. Game enthusiasts who are hoping to get a different perspective on Naruto's story by title (possibly dig Akatsuki's criminal record and a popular revival) actually get a little fan service through the Akatsuki mode. This mode allows you to play as the villain of the movie that traps the village of sand and is a great addition to the game. Unfortunately, we have to tread painfully through the same story to get there and way of reality is not so long.

The core of the game takes place in stage mode, which is a series of linear missions that follow the story of the series. When you complete missions in this mode, you unlock the other person to do. These include mission mode in which you can execute the independent mission were evaluated in terms of difficulty to help the citizens of the Villa Mode of Leaf and Survival in which you must defeat a particular enemy. Items, experience rolls and money earned on this mission can also be used in the game store that spend a lot of ninjas that can not be opened at your disposal. The level of customization and content can not be opened is one of the strongest points of this game. In short, there are a lot of games here, and if you are an expert in the solution looking for the kind of game where there is always a prize that shines on the horizon, Akatsuki Rising has you covered.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that you have to work hard across acres and acres batter harsh without shame. The main difference between the game and the game of Naruto Akatsuki Rising before a battle has not made much simpler, putting all the attacks and counters on the button: box. Most of the game is spent macerating a single button and repeatedly pushing the same combo to a group of enemies without thinking. The countdown is performed by pressing a key when they are affected by the enemy, which means they often fight without realizing it. You can ruin your combo if you were hit by another opponent, and the target key that will change your opponents attack. Given the clumsy method for switching between opponents closed with the object and the odd sometimes camera, you can do a battle against a group more difficult than it should be. It was ironic considering the simplicity of the fight in a truth. The result is a system that starts with a simple but over time dull and frustrating at the same time.

Artistically, the game was all over the map. Sounds very nice. The music is a soundtrack licensed from the Naruto anime and used very effectively for the sake of action. Voting character is well done, which is a very impressive achievement considering the number of untranslated Japanese term that should be incorporated into the English dialogue. Graphically, however, the game could use some work. Characters and enemies translate well into a 3D animation model, but the environment in which they live is the type of block, and low-poly flat world unacceptable on PlayStation 2. The colors of the landscape seem strange and interesting than the inspiration of the Level design from the hallway looks like a basic square the original Mars Destination.

In the end, the biggest sin Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising did not make this a game

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